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    1. Mission Viejo Mayor announces Congressional run

      Mission Viejo Mayor announces Congressional run


      Mission Viejo’s Mayor, Greg Raths, filed his Declaration of Candidacy for election to the United States House of Representatives from California’s 45th Congressional District. The seat, captured last November by Democrat Katie Porter, had until then always been in Republican hands.

      Raths is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and promises to never vote for a tax increase. He supports tough security at our southern border including a wall, and completely rejects the Green New Deal as irrational, and because, Raths says, “it would completely destroy the America we know and love”.

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    1. Ghost disease: A first-hand, disturbing account of delirium after surgery

      Ghost disease: A first-hand, disturbing account of delirium after surgery

      It is a ghost disease. More than 2 million Americans are haunted every year by postoperative delirium, a strange, creeping state of confusion that the medical profession admits it can neither understand nor cure. It is a problem that affects the brain, divorces its victims from reality and plunges them into a state of derangement — and few doctors can tell them why. Indeed, physicians usually cannot even see the symptoms of this disease until the patient already is in its grip.

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    1. Paris's Notre-Dame to celebrate first mass after fire

      Paris's Notre-Dame to celebrate first mass after fire

       The date has been chosen as it is the anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral’s altar, which is celebrated every year on June 16. The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris will host its first mass on Saturday, exactly two months after the devastating blaze that shocked France and the world. For safety reasons, the mass led by Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit will be celebrated on a very small scale.

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