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    1. Naturopathy: Wikipedia’s Assault on Natural Medicine

      Naturopathy: Wikipedia’s Assault on Natural Medicine

      Americans are increasingly turning to Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) systems for their healthcare needs. This trend has been underway for several decades. This has been perceived as competition by the medical establishment. The reasons for this growing popularity include the cost of conventional treatments, rising out-of-pocket expenses, serious drug adverse effects, and physician and diagnostic errors, which continue to plague the orthodox medical establishment.

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    1. Hemp Industry Is Cleared to Do Business With Banks

      Hemp Industry Is Cleared to Do Business With Banks

      The number of banks in the United States willing to lend to hemp producers can be counted on one hand. That is about to change.

      Federal and state bank regulators announced Tuesday that they were scrapping a burdensome requirement that banks said kept them away from the hemp business. Banks will no longer have to treat their hemp customers as suspicious and file reams of paperwork to anti-money-laundering authorities for each interaction.

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