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    1. 7 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media – SAGE Blog

      7 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media – SAGE Blog

      Social media – full of chatty consumers begging for fresh content, while also poised to critique any undeserving ideas – can be a challenging and overwhelming realm to step into. As a small to medium business owner, you’re likely putting social media on the back-burner because you’re strapped for time, money, or even manpower. But contrary to popular belief, this medium allows you to do it all on your own, without a single dollar bill out of your pocket – as long as you have a handy game plan.

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    1. Income Tax Return form: There are many changes you need to know

      Income Tax Return form: There are many changes you need to know

      The new format of income tax return forms, introduced for the fiscal 2018-19, will require you to fill up whether you own a house and whether it is self-occupied or given out for rent. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) for filing returns for the financial year 2017-18 have introduced some new clauses for both house owners and tenants which were not mandatory till the last fiscal.

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