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    1. How 5G will transform our ability to work from home

      How 5G will transform our ability to work from home

      Thanks to greatly improved internet connectivity and workforce applications, employees in an increasing number of professions can work just about anywhere they want—in their home, at a coffee shop, on a plane. And chances are they’re more productive and more engaged than they would be if they were in the office. They may even be planning to stay in their job longer because of their flexible work location. In 2017, Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom, in a TED Talk, went so far as to call work-from-home potentially as innovative as the driverless car.

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    1. Love it: Practicing the art of appreciation

      Love it: Practicing the art of appreciation

      We can train our brains to look for the positive, even in stressful situations. Start by identifying things that fill you with anger, bitterness, envy or judgment. Then find comparative things in your own life that bring you joy or fill you with pride and consider how you have been blessed. It may take a few tries, but even if you fail at first, don’t give up. Say thank you for the small things, and mean it.

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