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    1. 8 Key Lessons To Learn From A Failing Marriage

      8 Key Lessons To Learn From A Failing Marriage

      There are many signs that a relationship is on its way out, people just don’t catch them fast enough to save their marriages. This is bad news since research reveals what everyone who has been through a divorce already knows – divorce triggers psychological distress and a decline in life satisfaction.

      What are the signs that your relationship is unhappy? What can you do about a failed marriage? Is there anything you can learn from it? You will learn all of these in this article.

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      Mentions: depression
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    1. Medicare rules and costs for people age 65 who are still working

      Medicare rules and costs for people age 65 who are still working

      It's becoming a common scenario: You're creeping closer to your 65th birthday, which means you'll be eligible for Medicare, yet you already have health insurance through work. Sound familiar? If so, you might have options. While workers at businesses with fewer than 20 employees generally must sign up for Medicare at age 65, people working for larger companies typically have a choice: They can stick with their group plan and delay signing up for Medicare without facing penalties down the road, or drop the company option and go with Medicare. 

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    1. This Top-Rated App Can Help You Deal With Stress in the New Year

      This Top-Rated App Can Help You Deal With Stress in the New Year

      Stress tends to accumulate around the holiday season but it's not like it simply disappears otherwise. Life is full of stressors, from tight project deadlines to frustrating coworkers to rush hour traffic. Don't just accept the stress, deal with it appropriately by investing in your own mindfulness. Aura is a meditation app that can help you manage stress and anxiety effectively without resorting to bad or destructive habits.

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