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    1. This Method Can Tell You Whether Or Not A Relationship Will Last

      This Method Can Tell You Whether Or Not A Relationship Will Last

      Susan Pease Gadoua, a marriage and relationship expert and the co-author of “The New I Do,” says this is one of her favorite quotes, one that guides her through her work as a therapist.

      She offered it to me in context: years ago, a woman came to her on the brink of serving her husband divorce papers. She had been married for years, had six kids, and was completely and totally fed up with how she had been treated. Susan coached her to speak her truth to her husband, to share how unhappy she was.

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    1. How to Build a Company You Love | HuffPost

      How to Build a Company You Love | HuffPost

      It can be hard to get excited when, what should be the joy of operating your business gets turned into just another day at the office.” Sometimes, in business, we lose ourselves to the hum of working day after day. How can you keep that joy even as your business grows? Here are four things I do to make sure that my relationship with the business I love continues to flourish.

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    1. California Tests a Digital ‘Fire Alarm’ for Mental Distress

      California Tests a Digital ‘Fire Alarm’ for Mental Distress

      The state is teaming up with Silicon Valley to make mental health services more available. Promises abound, and so do potential problems.

      For the past year, California state and county mental health officials, along with patient representatives, have met regularly with Mindstrong and another company, 7 Cups, to test smartphoneapps for people receiving care through the state’s public mental health system. Officials from 13 counties and two cities are involved, and the apps are already available to the public.

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    1. Paris's Notre-Dame to celebrate first mass after fire

      Paris's Notre-Dame to celebrate first mass after fire

       The date has been chosen as it is the anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral’s altar, which is celebrated every year on June 16. The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris will host its first mass on Saturday, exactly two months after the devastating blaze that shocked France and the world. For safety reasons, the mass led by Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit will be celebrated on a very small scale.

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