1. How Balanced Living News Got Started

    How Balanced Living News Got Started

    We decided in early 2011 that we would launch a web site, but did not know what the subject matter should be.  So we asked our friends and family what they thought the web site should be about.  We got all sorts of suggestions.

    ·         Physical fitness

    ·         How to make money

    ·         Relationships

    ·         Travel

    ·         Etc.

    As we discussed all these great ideas and reviewed our conversations with everyone that we met with, we realized that there was one common thread in every conversation.  That was the fact that everybody that we spoke to had a BIG problem.  Something weighing on their mind.

    We then tried to group all our friends problems to see what the similarities where.  What we can up with was that all the problems seem to fall into 5 buckets:

    1.       Physical health

    2.       Mental health

    3.       Social and Relationships

    4.       Financial wellbeing

    5.       Spiritual ( a catch all for many “inner” self problems)

    I know that none of my friends (or family members, especially my children) will take advice from me so I was not about to waste my time writing something and tell them how they should solve their problems.  But I thought if I could gather a lot of information and present it in such a way that they could easily find current and relative information, well this then would be helping them.

    That is the goal of our web site.  Then all we had to do is come up with a name.  Seemed to us that most people had their shit together in most areas of their life, that they probably only had problems in 1 or 2 areas.  So what people are trying to do is maintain in the areas that are good and improve in the area(s) that they need help in, so they are trying to BALANCE THEIR LIFE.

    Hence the BALANCED LIVING NEWS name and web site.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Bob at Bob@balancedlivingnews.com

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