1. Cities Vow to Fight Trump on Immigration, Even if They Lose Millions

    Cities Vow to Fight Trump on Immigration, Even if They Lose Millions

    Officials in what are known as sanctuary cities say they will act as a bulwark against mass deportations, even at the risk of losing federal money for local services.

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    1. I like to compare this to conscientious objector status, We are not going to use our resources to enforce what we believe are unjust immigration laws.
    2. These local politicians take it upon themselves to allow people who have been here for a long time to stay here and receive services.
    3. If you want to accommodate, don't expect the rest of us to pay for your services.
    4. This is uncharted territory in some ways, to see if they're just playing chicken, or see if they will relent.
    5. We do have many undocumented immigrants, but often these are residents who came to our city as toddlers. They have grown up here and gone to our public schools.
    6. Taking away funding because our law enforcement will not act as federal agents would not only be irresponsible but immoral.
    7. Anything that tries to coerce a local government is going to be challenged because these agencies are only responsible for local arrests.
    8. Folks may feel threatened by what they hear.
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