1. 4 Warning Signs That a Venture Capitalist May Be Wrong for Your Start-up

    4 Warning Signs That a Venture Capitalist May Be Wrong for Your Start-up

    Investor Brad Feld and entrepreneur Rajat Bhargava share what they've learned about making their 18-year partnership work.

    Don't be shy about asking questions, he adds. "The mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make is that they're too tame because they don't want to scare off an investor. But the best investors love questions. They want to do more than just write you a check."

    Of course, every VC in the world will say he or she wants to be your partner and advisor and not just a source of funds. Yet as Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams learned, sometimes having a VC can do more harm than good. How can you tell a VC might be wrong for your business? Watch for these warning signs:

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    1. There's been a power shift in information.
    2. If they just focus on the people and ignore the product, you've got a problem. If they focus on the product and ignore the people, you've got a problem.
    3. The important thing is to be completely transparent.
    4. Being open and directly confronting the issues, you get through it.
    5. The idea that people always come to my office and present to me is distasteful.
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