1. How I cured my decision fatigue | GulfNews.com

    How I cured my decision fatigue | GulfNews.com

    LARGE This has been a year of big decisions — many of them out of our hands, admittedly, but by recent estimates, the average adult still has to make some 35,000 choices a day, from the trivial to the life-changing. That sounds soul-wearing enough, before you learn that the quality of our decision-making actually erodes with every choice we make: each one depleting willpower, which researchers from Florida State University discovered is a resource that gets “used up” and is replenished by rest, much like a muscle. No wonder decision-making itself has become a boom science, with online courses on ...

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    1. You just need to establish what the critical criteria are, then make a decision with these in mind, accepting that sometimes you'll get it wrong.
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