1. Amid 'war on obesity,' skeptics warn of stigma

    The images are striking: Overweight boys and girls staring somberly from billboards and online videos, real-life embodiments of the blunt messages alongside. "Chubby kids may not outlive their parents," for example. Or: "Big bones didn't make me this way. Big meals did." The ads - part of a new "Stop Child Obesity" campaign in Georgia - won some enthusiastic praise for their attention-grabbing ...
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    1. Billboards depicting fat kids are extraordinarily harmful to the very kids they are supposedly trying to help.
    2. Stigma is not an effective motivator.
    3. To declare we're going to eliminate childhood obesity - that's actually a very stigmatizing thing to say.
    4. It's done much more damage than good.
    5. There will always be critics, but our approach is comprehensive, nurturing and working, with success already seen across the country.
    6. Regardless of her intentions, the first lady is making things worse.
    7. I invite her to talk to fat adults who have experienced the hatred and discrimination firsthand.
    8. This proposal does nothing to improve public health, and only perpetuates further stigma toward thousands of individuals whose quality of life is already reduced because of prejudice.
    9. The environment is pretty tough for people struggling with their weight.
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