1. 101 Side Business Ideas and How to Start Without Quitting Your Job

    101 Side Business Ideas and How to Start Without Quitting Your Job

    Thinking of starting your own business but not sure how to juggle it with your full-time job?  Whatever your reasons for wanting to own your own business  certainly isn’t easy, but there are many reasons for giving it a shot. Perhaps you have a passion that overwhelms you, you want to retire early, want to create a safety net, whatever the reason do your research before you "drown" in your dreams.  

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    1. One of the quickest ways to start a business while working is by offering consultations.
    2. The most important advice I give for starting a business is to write a detailed business plan, send it around to friends and business people you admire, get their feedback and then revise the plan.
    3. Consider starting your own business by buying a franchise.
    4. Spend some time considering what those around you need.
    5. While holding a full-time job at Procter & Gamble, I bought a small dog day care and boarding business.
    6. If you are considering starting a business without leaving your current job, make sure you are realistic about the time you have available to commit to it, as well as looking at what you may need to sacrifice or put on hold, to make sure you have the time and energy.
    7. To truly calculate your business' return on investment, you must factor in the amount of time you spend on recurring tasks.
    8. It is important to track the income from both the business and your job when starting a new business without quitting your job.
    9. My best piece of advice to anyone looking to do the same is to slowly build momentum; don't just jump into everything and anything at once.
    10. Another very important thing is to validate your business idea.
    11. Lay out your weekly tasks in your personal Google Calendar or Outlook, schedule tasks like you would events, and set a time period to work on said tasks.
    12. A lot of people think it's difficult and requires a lot of expensive, high-end equipment to start a business.
    13. If you have a full-time job, make the most out of any networking opportunities that come your way.
    14. One very worthwhile thing to do that will contribute to the success of your future business is to think about where there may be gaps in your skills and experience.
    15. One of the most important things while launching a business while you have a full-time job is to use dead time wisely.
    16. Accept the fact that you're going to make mistakes.
    17. The first thing I recommend is setting up a website as soon as possible.
    18. My first client, when I finally left my job to go full time on my own, was my last employer.
    19. Fully utilize your calendar to block off time for your current job, new business and your family rather than handling things as they come up.
    20. If you are starting a new business while working a full-time job, you are probably an overachiever and at the least, a solid employee, possibly even a rock star employee.
    21. One of the worst things that can happen when trying to start a business while having a job is getting fired from said job.
    22. Sometimes it's hard to get excited about doing your daily employee duties when you have a new business of your own.
    23. With a new company, there will be instances where you need to take a day off to meet a deadline, meet with a prospect or meet with a customer.
    24. After telling your employer [about your business], assure them that you are not going to be working on your business while they are paying for your time.
    25. The administrative tasks of a business can be overwhelming.
    26. I often suggest to clients I coach that they retain an outsourced sales development team to be able to get the sales and earn a percentage of the revenues generated as commissions.
    27. When working in a full-time job, you're likely to be short on time.
    28. When you're building a business alongside a full-time job, time is your most valuable (and limited) resource.
    29. My first side hustle, and the first dollar I earned online, was building and flipping WordPress websites.
    30. It's too easy to treat your available time as infinite since you can always get less sleep and put more hours in. But sleep and free time are important for your health, sanity and productivity.
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