1. Surprising no one: What Lori Loughlin and Michael Jackson uproar teaches us about denial

    Surprising no one: What Lori Loughlin and Michael Jackson uproar teaches us about denial

    Are "we" really surprised by this?  When it comes to humans these days, celebrities in particular, it seems everyone and anything can be bought.  But at what cost to our emotional self, how does money or created privilege effect and change who we are on a deeper level.  

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    1. Few people in or associated with higher education believe that it constitutes a fair system.
    2. I think that we have faith that there's some integrity in the world.
    3. Fame can cut both ways: It can enable celebrities to bring attention to worthwhile causes or to abuses of more vulnerable populations, as in the Time's Up Movement – but it can also make them the most readily identifiable lightning rods for larger scandals, as in the pay-to-play admissions indictments.
    4. Most people are very concrete. Especially in our day in age, information is coming in snippets very, very quickly. The more concrete evidence you can offer, the more real it's going to become.
    5. Video recordings and photographs of assaults and injustices have a unique power to galvanize the public, and in turn, lawmakers, because of a long history of public fascination with and faith in visual media as a reliable documentation of actual events.
    6. Some of this has to do with changing values and the technology that can sometimes assist that social transformation.
    7. People think, yes, this has happened before, but images come into play.
    8. When the crime is close to home, the tipping point of belief has been hit.
    9. Social media is essentially dialing up the volume on moral outrage by ... making it less costly to express.
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