1. Your checklist for choosing elder care

    Your checklist for choosing elder care

    If you're beginning a search for a senior care community, your challenge is to determine whether it truly provides consistently compassionate and competent care. Arm yourself with a list of questions and these tips from experts and people who've been there before:

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    1. I'm Cuban American, and most of us in the Latinx community desire to keep our elders at home.
    2. People tend to gravitate to big, shiny new buildings, but it's important to also observe and ask questions about staffing.
    3. You know, I don't think I'd send my own father there.
    4. You could be signing an agreement that says you'll be charged every month for a period of time, with no exceptions.
    5. Guilt is a huge part of this process.
    6. We didn't want her in a place where they would be rushing Mom to follow their schedule, and we did not want her to be drugged.
    7. When I'm that age, I hope someone takes care of me the way we are taking care of her.
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