1. Life After COVID-19: The Road To Recovery

    Life After COVID-19: The Road To Recovery

    Doctors are just starting to learn what recovery from COVID looks like and whether it will cause long-term damage to its survivors – both physically and mentally.

    The symptoms came suddenly but took a long time to leave.

    Akhink Omer, 31, still remembers the exact date: March 9. One day she felt perfectly fine, and the next she was hit with fever">feverdiarrheafatiguecoughing fits, severe body aches and “the worst headache of my life for the first few days.”

    At that time, there were only two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in her home state of Tennessee.

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    1. The fatigue was intense, and the coughing was so bad, I felt like I was choking, like someone was grabbing me by the throat.
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