1. What I see:

    What I see:

    I just finished watch my typical Sunday morning new shows.  And, here is what I think:

    We are in for a nasty 9 months, or until we have a vaccine plus 3 months.

    • The infection rate continues to climb, and there is no reason to think it will stop.
    • Trump shows no signs of changing his position of opening up business.  I think businesses may limit what they open, but they will do what is in the best interest of their bottom line, which is what a business is suppose to do.
    • It appears the virus is weakening in it's ability to kill, but is becoming more transmittable.  More sick, but a lower percentage of deaths.  Can't figure out if the number of deaths is going up or down?  Should know more in a month.
    • Still a lot of people will not wear mask.

    So, I think, basically things will remain the same, which will result in the economy getting a little better, but not much.  Many more people will get sick, because the health experts say we need "social distancing + mask + tracking" to improve the situation.

    We can't get everyone to wear mask, they certainly will not agree to being tracked by some "Big Brother" ap.  

    I try to accept the realities of where we are at, anticipate the most likely future, and invest accordingly.

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