1. How to Meditate With a Simple 10-Minute Meditation for Beginners

    How to Meditate With a Simple 10-Minute Meditation for Beginners

    We've all been there: The clock strikes midnight, and our thoughts race on as if we'd just walked into the office with our first cup of coffee . Sleep ? Never heard of her, minus a few quick minutes of shut-eye in between the tossing and turning. This scenario is all too common for many. It's incredibly challenging to calm down a racing mind after a full day of working, parenting, and taking care of other responsibilities, not to mention a pandemic .

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    1. In a world increasingly built on falsehoods, the need to establish an infallible inner GPS is paramount to one's safety and sanity.
    2. Meditation is the practice of intentionally awakening to our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations in the mental space of observance and acceptance.
    3. There are as many ways to meditate as there are people in the world.
    4. This simply isn't true, and it prevents many people from exploring a meditation practice that has the capacity to improve their lives on every level.
    5. I've found that most people will read an article about meditation and attempt to sit down with the best of intentions, but they will only last for a few minutes at most.
    6. Meditation is an endless fountain of benefits and rewards, from improved sleep to reduced loneliness to better skin.
    7. Meditation keeps us aware of what is happening in the moment.
    8. Participants of a study who approached unwanted thoughts and feelings non-judgmentally rather than fighting them off showed more activation in their brain's region of positive emotion.
    9. I respect their commitment to offering over 30,000 free meditations.
    10. That tends to help people remain more focused compared to meditating alone.
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