1. Navigating the Intimacy Versus Isolation Development Stage

    Navigating the Intimacy Versus Isolation Development Stage

    According to Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development, a theory developed by psychologist Erik Erikson in the 1950s, there are eight stages of psychosocial development: trust versus mistrust, autonomy versus shame and doubt, initiative versus guilt, industry versus inferiority, identity versus confusion, intimacy versus isolation, generativity versus stagnation and ego, and integrity versus despair. All eight stages reflect how social conflicts can impact growth and development, but intimacy versus isolation, the sixth stage, is a particularly rocky transit with far-reaching implications on our love life. It tends to occur between ages 19 and 40 as we form serious romantic relationships. And, as anyone who has tried online dating likely knows, developing intimacy in a relationship is no small task—and successfully doing so is key for both happiness and staving off effects of isolation.

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