1. How Magnets Can Help You Conquer Depression

    How Magnets Can Help You Conquer Depression

    Most people with anxiety and depression feel better with prescribed treatment, but unfortunately, about 30% still can’t seem to shake off the mood swings, sadness and hopelessness. This is especially true if you respond poorly — or don’t respond at all — to antidepressants . For those with treatment-resistant depression, a noninvasive treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) , offers hope.

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    1. The most frequent side effect is headache, but not everybody experiences that.
    2. Having a seizure disorder would prevent a patient from being the best candidate for TMS, but some literature suggests that if a seizure disorder is well-controlled with anti-epileptic drugs, TMS might still be an option.
    3. TMS mainly targets those who don't respond adequately to at least one round of antidepressants or who are completely medication-resistant.
    4. It's also important to note that not all health insurance companies will pay for TMS.
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