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    1. How to Pay Less to your Current Suppliers

      Did you know that your competitors are paying less for the goods and services you buy…with your vendors!

      Beacon Sales and Marketing has partnered with Optimally Business Performance to provide you with their unique expense-reduction technology.

      Optimally brings their proprietary big data A.I. technology to the forefront of how companies can reduce operating expenses. Optimally has built one of the largest data lakes in North America, housing $6 Trillion worth of vendor-specific invoice data from more than 10 million U.S. businesses. 

      The Optimally Data Science team has normalized and categorized this data, allowing Optimally the unique ability to benchmark pricing inequities between your current vendor pricing vs. the same vendors best-in-class pricing. This benchmarking technology is the most innovative tool available for businesses to ensure that their vendor pricing does not leave them at a competitive disadvantage. 

      Unlike any other "expense-reduction" company you may be familiar with ...

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    2. What I see:

      What I see:

      I just finished watch my typical Sunday morning new shows.  And, here is what I think:

      We are in for a nasty 9 months, or until we have a vaccine plus 3 months.

      • The infection rate continues to climb, and there is no reason to think it will stop.
      • Trump shows no signs of changing his position of opening up business.  I think businesses may limit what they open, but they will do what is in the best interest of their bottom line, which is what a business is suppose to do.
      • It appears the virus is weakening in it's ability to kill, but is becoming more transmittable.  More sick, but a lower percentage of deaths.  Can't figure out if the number of deaths is going up or down?  Should know more in a month.
      • Still a lot of people will not wear mask.

      So, I think, basically ...

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