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    1. Roofline Variety of Service and Products

      Roofline Variety of Service and Products

      In addition to installing new roofs (with up to 30yr manufacturer warranty), we repair and maintain low slope built-up roofs that are tar & gravel, capsheet, modified bitumen, pitch or foam. We are authorized to install/repair single-ply membranes including: Carlisle, Johns Manville, Firestone and more. We know it’s not always convenient for you to return and meet us at the job site - photos are provided upon the completion of work. Click on the link below or call us to schedule a site visit!

                     We are proud to announce that RoofLine Builders is now an authorized Duro-Last installer! Give us a call and find out how affordable Duro-Last membranes are!

      We also work with fluid applied membranes (silicone and acrylic) on metal buildings, foam roofs and low slope built-up roofs.

      For steep slope (pitched roofs), we install and repair asphalt shingles, tiles, gutters, downspouts (leaders).

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    2. Jon Firey of Firey & Associates to be Keynote Speaker at Pacific Coast BNI

      Jon Firey of Firey & Associates to be Keynote Speaker at Pacific Coast BNI

      With recent natural disasters occurring around the county and world, do you have questions about types of insurance available to help protect your home and belongings against a similar event? Jon Firey will be speaking this Thursday and hopes to answer some of those questions regarding earthquake, flood, and fire insurance. If you have questions or concerns, please join us at Pacific Coast BNI this upcoming Thursday 9/28 at 11:30. We look forward to seeing you.

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    3. Blazonco - Building Web Sites

      Blazonco - Building Web Sites

      Blazonco has been helping businesses, non-profits and professionals

      build their online presence since 1998.  The company has grown based on

      referrals and they appreciate each and every one.


      Rather than using templates like so many platforms, they build each site

      based on the unique needs of each client.  Their pricing is extremely

      competitive and their work is great.  Plus they offer Support to help

      maintain and update the sites they build.


      Examples of Blazonco websites:  http://blazonco.com/designs


      Current pricing:  https://blazonco.com/Websites


      For a free consultation please contact Daniel Harper at 888-600-1030,

      ext. 714.

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    4. Learn These 8 Danger Signs To Help Keep Yourself Safe:

      Learn These 8 Danger Signs To Help Keep Yourself Safe:

      8 Danger Signs

      Awareness is a term you hear a lot in personal-defense circles. Whether you formally define it as Condition Yellow or regard it in simpler terms, being aware of what’s going on around you is the best way to spot and avoid danger before it happens.

      Though we all know we should be aware, unfortunately very few self-defense programs specifically address what you should be aware of. These danger signs, often known as pre-incident indicators, are specific actions that criminals and other violent individuals will perform in the moments immediately preceding an attack. Knowing what they are and what they look like is one of the most important personal-defense skills you can have. Even if you aren’t able to avoid trouble completely, being aware of these indicators will maximize your options in a critical situation and give you additional time to prepare and execute your defense ...

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