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    1. Cutting One Ingredient Helped This Guy Lose 150 Pounds in 9 Months

      Cutting One Ingredient Helped This Guy Lose 150 Pounds in 9 Months

      Sugar, it's evil.  One man lost 150 lbs just by cutting it out of his life.  "If you want something bad enough you will get it.  Just start slow and set yourself up for success by setting small achievable goals for yourself every day.  Yes, every day!  When you do achieve them, you will feel amazing and continue to set more and more goals. Always keep them realistic and in sight."  How to kick the bad habit.  

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    2. Why a Stress Detox Is Vital for an Entrepreneur

      Why a Stress Detox Is Vital for an Entrepreneur

      Stress is a toxin. Get rid of it.

      Ben Huh, the CEO of the Cheezburger Network humor websites, wrote about his suicidal thoughts following a failed startup in 2001 in an article titled, "When Death Feels Like a Good Option.” A former MySpace vice-president wrote on his website, “I was to the edge and back a few times this past year with my business and own depression. If you're about to lose it, please contact me."

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    3. Study Suggests Facebook Users Are Happier If They Leave for a Month

      You've no doubt heard anecdotal evidence of Facebook users feeling better after they've quit the social network, but how often does that help, really? A fair amount, according to researchers. A study (PDF) from New York University and Stanford showed that Facebook users were happier, more satisfied with life and slightly less likely to feel anxious, depressed or lonely. They also used other social networks less, and used Facebook less when they came back.

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