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    1. Great Summer Time Give Away

      Beacon Sales and Marketing from Mission Viejo CA USA Grab all of the attention you deserve with this Portsmouth boat tote! It's perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool. With 16 oz. cotton canvas construction and 24" soft rope handles, this looks great and will definitely turn heads. It has a large main compartment and the handles are secured by metal grommets. If you have a store by a popular tourist spot, make this available to gain new clients!

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    2. Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event!

      Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event!

      Do you have some spare time and looking to help a worthy cause?  Here is some information about how you can help feed hungry children.

      Each packaged meal contains rice, soy and vegetables, fortified with vitamins and minerals and shipped to the poorest of the poor locations all over the world to feed the hungry kids, our brothers and sisters who are all parts of our larger selves. One meal costs 29 cents and even just a small donation of $10 towards Gian's event can already make at least 35 meals.

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    3. Life; Constant Bumps In The Road

      Life; Constant Bumps In The Road

      The older I get the more structure I seem to like in my life.  I can look forward to pasta every Sunday evening while watching 60 minutes, Friday night is pizza and a video on the couch, Saturday mow the lawn.  Structure means no surprises, no stress, and no shit to deal with. 

      But that hasn’t really happen yet.  Instead my life is a never ending series of interruptions and my continued efforts to deal with them.  Does it ever end?  I guess not.  Not for any of us.  Everyone has problems.  A good day is one filled with just small problems.  So far today’s a good one.  But, it’s only 6 AM.  Will there just be “pot holes” today, or “sink holes”?

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    4. There Are More Ways to Stay In-Touch Than Ever Before

      There Are More Ways to Stay In-Touch Than Ever Before

      Maybe there are too many ways to be in touch.  Email, Facebook, twitter, Skype, etc. all are great tools to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts.  But it has now become a full time job monitoring all these communication tools, when do I have time to work?

      As a marketer, I have to consider my audience.  How and when do they want to hear from me?  As business people we need to get in touch and stay in touch with our business contact in the way that works best for them.  Every audience is unique; make sure you put yourself in their shoes when considering how you will communicate to your customers and prospects.

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    5. Christmas Is Coming - Do You Feel The Sense Of Urgency?

      Christmas Is Coming - Do You Feel The Sense Of Urgency?

      No?  You should if you are a business person.

      I know Christmas is more than a month away but the flurry of business activity at year end will be long gone by the time Christmas is here.  You need to prepare NOW! To maximize your year end sales.  Everything from ordering product to scheduling your company Christmas party - don't wait, do it now.


      santa 2.jpgMake a list, check it twice, make sure the most important things are on top of your list, because I assure you, you won't get it all done in time. 


      Best wishes for an enjoyable - relaxing - Thanksgiving, you'll need it.

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    6. Do You Have Enough Time In Your Day?

      Do You Have Enough Time In Your Day?

      Probably not. Do you experience the stress of 'everything is important so everything has to be done but I can't do it all'?

      We start our day with a full calendar and are bombarded throughout the day with crises that need to be solved right then and there! Simple math and a calendar show us that you cannot squeeze 25 hours into a 24 hour day. What to do?

      Here are a couple of tips that work for me:

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    7. Help You’re Salesmen Sell More

      Help You’re Salesmen Sell More

      What can you do to support your salespeople and help them sell more products?  The answer could be a simple pen.

      Baylor University did a study that concluded companies whose sales people utilized promotional products did 22% more business than those sales people who didn’t.

      Promotional products help great a positive relationship between your company and your customers & prospects.  The custom logo’d gifts .....

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    8. Beacon Announces October Discount Fellow BNI Members

      Beacon Announces October Discount Fellow BNI Members

      Beacon Sales and Marketing, a leading source of Promotional Products in southern Californian and member of BNI has announced that they are offering all fellow BNI members a 5% to 10% discount on all promotional items ordered by the end of October 2014. Promotional items can be found on the Beacon Sales and Marketing web site by CLICKING HERE. Beacon Sales and Marketing plans on offering a similar discount to all businesses in southern California next month. You can contact Beacon by visiting their web site www.Beacon-SM.com

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    9. How To Save Money This Holiday Season

      How To Save Money This Holiday Season

      Tis the time of year to send Christmas and Holiday cards.  A great opportunity to say hi and stay in touch with valued friends and customers.  But at what cost?  A nice card and postage is going to cost you from $1 to $2 or more.  Not too bad if you are sending 25 to 50 cards to family and friends, but what if you have 500 or more business customers that you want to stay in touch with?

      eMail.  We have been sending email greeting for years and it works great.  We send one at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.  Each one with a message that goes with and compliments the previous mailing.  And we know who opens and reads each email.  Let us know if you would like to know more about the many benefits of emailing your Holiday Wishes this year.

      Bob Meyer, President of Beacon ...

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    10. Coke’s Most Valuable Asset

      Coke’s Most Valuable Asset

      So what do you think is Coke's or McDonald's most valuable asset?  How about their Branded Name?  They spend millions to brand themselves and to have a favorable image when people see their logo or hear their name.

      Do you have Coke's marketing budget?  Probably not, but you can keep this branding message in mind, and think of ways to create your brand recognition and make sure your target audience = your customers and prospects think favorably about you.  Consider Promotional Gifts.  Put your logo or branded message on a pen or mouse pad and I guarantee your customer will say thank you.

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    11. Peace At Home Senior Care Senior Home Care

      Peace At Home Senior Care Senior Home Care

      Peace At Home Senior Care provides professional, affordable, and caring in home living assistance for seniors in Orange County, Southern California.

      Our Home Care agency is dedicated to the health and well-being of our clients through providing affordable, quality, home care with love and respect.

      Please contact us to learn about our new products and services.

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    12. Christmas in October?

      Christmas in October?

      No not exactly, but if you own a business or want to increase sales you should be thinking about the holidays.  Many businesses especially retail businesses heavily depend on the holiday season to maximize their yearly sales numbers.  You should be considering your options on how to maximize your sales especially to your existing customers, let’s make sure you get all possible sales from the people you already know and trust you.

      eMarketing is a great way to inexpensively stay in touch with your customer base.  Remind them of you and the products and services that you offer.  A simple, professional email to the right person at the right time can result in a big sale.  Beacon Sales and Marketing can help you accomplish this.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Just CLICK HERE to write us an email with your question and we will get right ...

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    13. Business Card Vs. A Pen With Your Logo ?

      Business Card Vs. A Pen With Your Logo ?

      We all have business cards.  We hand them out and hope the person that we just gave it to takes it back to their office and hangs it on their wall, or at least puts it some place they can find it later when they want to contact us.  But what usually happens to the majority of business cards.  They find their way to the "business card graveyard", sometimes called the round filing cabinet = the trash.

      But, what about a pen?  Pens are great promotional gifts!  Who throws away a pen? 

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    14. Do You Have Email Overload?

      Do You Have Email Overload?

      Does tending your email inbox suck hours out of your work (and personal) day?  Here are some tips to take control:

      1. It's email not a conversation – if you need to have a discussion with someone, phone them or if you work in the office with them, walk over and discuss it.  Don't get sucked into an email campaign where you and the other person end up with a 10 email string that took 2 hours of your time over 3 days.  You know who they are, the same people participate in this ritual.  So the next time you get an email from them, pick up the phone and call them and if you have to leave a voice message.
      2. Create descriptive Subject lines .................
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    15. What You Need To Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

      What You Need To Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

      Most Americans do their best to save money in 401K’s, IRA’s, pensions and other retirement products which will help secure their financial future at retirement age. However, what will they do if they become ill, get Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or need part/full time assistance with daily living skills? The truth is, if you do not have Long Term Care Insurance, you will be raiding your retirement funds to pay for this care, or it will create a huge financial burden for your children and/or grandchildren. This is why you see many financial planners and CPA’s imploring their clients to secure Long Term Care Insurance in order to make their financial future more secure.

      You can leverage this risk by purchasing a Long Term Care policy to assist with in-home or facility care. When purchased prior to age 60, the cost is affordable but most ...

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    16. What is CONTENT MARKETING?


      If you have read anything about marketing in the last year you probably have read something telling you that content marketing if very important to your company's marketing success.  But what is content marketing and how do you do it?

      Here is how we like to explain it.  Content marketing is a marketing technique where by the marketer creates and distributes valuable, relevant and consistent content to their target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

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    17. Promotional Advertising: Low Cost – Long Term Investment

      Promotional Advertising: Low Cost – Long Term Investment

      Traditional advertising stops when the ad stops running on TV or in the paper.  Promotional products can bring you leads for years!

      Promotional products are a unique form of advertising that can potentially continue advertising to new target markets for an unlimited amount of time.  Promotional items are not usually expensive and are usually very useful in our everyday world.  Constantly being seen and used by our target prospects, promoting continuing sales to our existing customers. 

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    18. Affordable Care Act or ACA

      Affordable Care Act or ACA

      The law is too large and complicated to understand and adhere to.  I’m afraid the courts will be inundated with cases that small businesses will find impossible to win or pay for, resulting in many small businesses closing their doors.  I’m not an expert but from what I’ve read it sounds like the best choice for small businesses is to offer no insurance and let the employees get what they want.

      Please feel free to add your comment below if you have something of interest to share.

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      When’s the last time you remember rain? It’s even worse up in Northern California where we get a lot of our water from. 2013 set some dry-weather records and 2014 is looking just as bad. The California snow pack is at a record low, it is only at 20% of average for this time of year.

      I’m afraid we will be in for water rationing this summer. I hate to see my lawn die but in the bigger picture, it may be irresponsible of the water districts not to impose rationing.

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