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    1. 7 Ways to Live in the Moment -- AARP

      7 Ways to Live in the Moment -- AARP
      For millennia, sages from the Buddha to Yogi Berra have been advising us to tame our wandering minds and focus our attention on the present. The reason is obvious: The past is history, the future nothing but a dream. All we really ever have is now. Great advice, but not so easy to follow—especially in our hi-tech, device-ridden world where the tools of distraction are multiplying like ants at a Fourth of July picnic. Here are seven strategies to help you smell the peonies, be present with your loved ones, and savor each moment of your day.
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    2. Deepak Chopra's Latest Book, 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes,' Links ...

      Deepak Chopra's Latest Book, 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes,' Links ...San Francisco Chronicle (press release)"Combining western scientific knowledge with eastern spiritual wisdom, Deepak Chopra has developed his own unique form of complementary, mind-body medicine. A hugely successful one-man industry with his own California-based Chopra Center for Wellbeing, ...and more »
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    3. How Spirituality Can Help Battle Depression

      How Spirituality Can Help Battle Depression
      Understanding God and how we works can be a great weapon for depression. Some of you may not be ready for this section. If you are anything like I was just a few short years ago, you may be wondering how in the world God can help you with your depression. I used to think to myself all the time, "If God loves me like the Bible says, why doesn't he cure my depression and why is he allowing me to suffer like this?" Sound familiar?
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    4. Are you living in the moment?

      Are you living in the moment?

      Living in the moment? Or haunted by the past and fretting about the future?

      You've read about the importance of living in the moment. You understand that the quality of your life depends on the choices you make and how you respond to life's challenges. But are you living your life that way? Or are you being held back by the past?

      Let me start with the issue of forgiveness. The fact that so many people have posted comments on this topic shows how pervasive and complicated it is. It's clear that if you don't forgive that person who injured you or your family, that person will burrow a hole in your soul. Obviously, that's not healthy.

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    5. » How your mind affects your happiness

      As humans we live in two worlds. There is the external physical world of work, family and friends that we travel in. Then there is the world of our mind and imagination. It is a virtual reality that can appear and feel just as real. When it comes to your emotions the virtual world of your mind can be more real. If you are seeking to create greater fulfillment and happiness in your life most sources will point to making changes in your external world. However it is changes in the virtual reality of your mind that will make a lasting impact on your happiness and fulfillment.
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    6. Shaolin Summit to Feature Legendary Monks, Temple's Abbot, Noted Author, Psychologist and Other Experts to Discuss Zen ...

      LOS ANGELES -- Two celebrated panels of professionals comprising China's legendary Shaolin monks to experts from the fields of martial arts, entertainment, academia and clinical psychology will be among the key participants at the Shaolin Summit in Los Angeles on May 21st.
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    7. Psychic Medium and Author, Karen Noe, Publishes New Article on the Royal Wedding and Psychic Readings

      Psychic Medium and Author, Karen Noe, Publishes New Article on the Royal Wedding and Psychic Readings
      Ramsey, NJ - May 11, 2011 - Karen Noe, Author or Through the Eyes of Another and Psychic Medium, recently wrote a news article on her website http://www.throughtheeyesofanother.com/ discussing psychic mediums and their readings around the Royal Wedding. She also suggests how you might find a quality psychic reader before your next major life event.Karen points out that ...
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    8. Christians Shouldn't Ignore Supernatural, Says Pastor

      The Christian Post (Singapore)Christians Shouldn't Ignore Supernatural, Says PastorThe Christian Post (Singapore)But belief in demonic activity is an aspect of a holistic scripturally-informed view of Christian ministry. The pastor grounded this view in the fact that Jesus Christ gave twelve of His disciples the authority to drive out impure spirits and heal ...and more »
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    9. Good Vibrations: A Throat Singers Journey of Healing Sounds

      Good Vibrations: A Throat Singers Journey of Healing Sounds
      Vancouver, BC, Canada May 10, 2011 - From Canada to Colorado, California to Costa Rica, audiences are raving about the feelings they experience while listening to the otherworldly sounds of American throat singer Matthew Kocel.Imagine a voice emanating exquisite harmonic overtones, bursting forth like a fractal universe over the pulsing drones of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, harmonium and ...
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