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    1. Most Popular Promo Products May 2022

      Most Popular Promo Products  May 2022

      June is here, and we are definitely feeling summertime in Dallas – with highs in the 100s projected for next week… I feel like we’re gearing up for a warm one, and it looks like you all are too!

      For the top product categories for May, we see that not only have bottles and mugs flip-flopped, but so have towels and tumblers! We also welcome sunglasses and lanyards to the list, further cementing that summer and convention season is here.

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    2. How to Deliver Bad News to Customers

      How to Deliver Bad News to Customers

      Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid during your career. Mistakes happen, schedules change, and plans fall apart sometimes. Knowing how to break the news to your clients gracefully is a skill worth its weight in gold.

      Delivering unfavorable news is difficult and uncomfortable for most people, even those with years of experience. The ability to tactfully communicate that something has gone awry is a learned skill, not an innate one. Here are our top tips for breaking bad news to your customers:

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    3. 2017 Year in Review: Promotional Products Industry

      2017 Year in Review: Promotional Products Industry

      2017 has been a year of highs and lows. From the infamous Equifax breach that exposed half the country’s personal information, to the once in a lifetime experience of seeing the hauntingly beautiful solar eclipse, to a string of unfortunate natural disasters, only one thing is certain: the promotional products industry has weathered all the storms and is ready to take a look back at our collective successes of the year.

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    4. 7 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media – SAGE Blog

      7 Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media – SAGE Blog

      Social media – full of chatty consumers begging for fresh content, while also poised to critique any undeserving ideas – can be a challenging and overwhelming realm to step into. As a small to medium business owner, you’re likely putting social media on the back-burner because you’re strapped for time, money, or even manpower. But contrary to popular belief, this medium allows you to do it all on your own, without a single dollar bill out of your pocket – as long as you have a handy game plan.

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