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    1. Why Work Stress Is Bad for Your Relationships At Home

      Why Work Stress Is Bad for Your Relationships At Home

      Work-life balance is all about finding ways to prioritize work while also prioritizing life outside of work (for example: health, pleasure, family, leisure). Although work-life balance looks a little different for everyone, a lack of work-life balance tends to be a common problem. Sometimes our problems at work bleed into our home lives, even when we try to keep them separate. If you have noticed that the challenges you face at work seem to be impacting your relationship at home, there is a model to help you make sense of why and how this happens.

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    2. College Students and Thanksgiving Break

      College Students and Thanksgiving Break

      Tips for enjoying the holidays with your adult children.

      As we approach the holidays, many college students are headed back home for the first time since summer. This can create a combination of joyful anticipation and some trepidation for both young adults and their parents. As a college professor, students share with me how much they cannot wait to sleep in their own beds, have home-cooked meals, and see their old friends from home. Yet, simultaneously a good number of them tell me that they are anxious about interactions with parents, siblings, and friends because of issues of criticism and acceptance, because of the way things used to be and the ways they have changed since coming to college.

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    3. Gratitude and Appreciation: Why We Should Indulge Daily

      Gratitude and Appreciation: Why We Should Indulge Daily

      Apparently expressing appreciation and gratitude is a big deal, with far-reaching benefits.

      Feeling acknowledged is a basic human need. We all want to feel we matter, contribute something, and are appreciated and valued by those we care about. Sitting across from your loved one, hearing what they value about you and seeing care in their eyes, perhaps with their hand on your knee, is a much needed balm in our hectic lives. Something no text or snap-chat can do.

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    4. 4 Relationship-Sabotaging Beliefs About Your Partner’s Ex

      4 Relationship-Sabotaging Beliefs About Your Partner’s Ex

      When it comes to your partner’s ex, you’re not alone in feeling insecure and even fearful of being abandoned and shamed. These feelings can result in obsessing about how you can possibly believe that your partner is choosing to be in a relationship with you instead of their ex. It’s only a matter of time until your partner realizes their supposed to be with their ex and dumps you. This fear can be so consuming that it alters the way you view yourself, your partner, and the relationship partner by creating anxiety, preoccupation, and imposing a undue burden on the relationship.

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    5. How to Improve Your Sex Life, Tonight

      How to Improve Your Sex Life, Tonight

      Want to improve your sex life? Most people do. Being sexual is one of the healthiest things you can do.  Not only is being in connection with someone physically good for your emotional health, it can be wonderful for you physically, not to mention pleasurable as well. People who have active ongoing sexual relationships are happier, in better physical health and live longer than their counterparts who do not have active sex lives. When couples have happy, healthy sex lives defined by having relations at least twice per month, they report being happier people overall and deal with the ongoing stresses of life better.

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