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    1. Coronavirus Response: Lockdowns Necessary, but Unsustainable

      Coronavirus Response: Lockdowns Necessary, but Unsustainable

      The lockdowns were necessary. They were also unsustainable. Americans, so accustomed to freedom, were bound to chafe at being told what to do. Justified fear of coronavirus devastated the food and beverage, travel, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. The economic toll could persist just for so long before it became unbearable. Nor are public health, personal freedom, and economics the only competing values in this emergency. Spiritual life has been harmed.

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    2. Socialized Medicine = Overworked General Practitioners

      Socialized Medicine = Overworked General Practitioners

      I am in London on a brief sojourn and a story in the Daily Telegraph struck me as highly relevant to the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren push for socialized medicine, which they call “Medicare for All” (but which is really “Medicaid for All”). It turns out, new GPs in the U.K. plan to only work part time because the existing work load on the country’s GPs is untenable. Headline, “Full-Time GPs a Thing of the Past, Says New Chief Director.” Get these statistics:

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    3. A Defense of Catholic Tradition in the Post-Conciliar Era

      A Defense of Catholic Tradition in the Post-Conciliar Era

      The West will be saved only when we begin to believe again that the Church is the sole source of divine truth. ‘A nd what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” So declaimed William Butler Yeats in “The Second Coming,” a biting premonition of the age of post-industrial secular decadence that was to come, and that was to so haunt another William — William F. Buckley Jr. — that it compelled him to pen in the mid ’60s a wordy apologia , which functioned as a scintillating ...

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    4. The Media’s Dishonest Reporting on Firearms

      The Media’s Dishonest Reporting on Firearms

      @kevinNR If you ever have had any dealings with the Associated Press, you know it to be a placid, slow-moving bureaucracy. But it can spur itself into action, as when it revises its style book (the standard for newspaper editors) which it often does along ideological lines, e.g., barring the phrase “illegal immigrants” to describe illegal immigrants, or its recent insistence that services such as Uber and Lyft cannot be described as “ride-sharing” arrangements.

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