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    1. Coping with Guilt

      Coping with Guilt

      Guilt is a ubiquitous and inescapable aspect of being human.  There is evidence
      that infants and toddlers experience guilt and the expectation of punishment or
      ill befalling them on a regular basis.  The basic idea is that as humans, we are
      born with various passions that drive our behavior and form our personality. 
      The most basic of these passions or emotions is love and hate.  Guilt comes
      about by our belief, real or imagined, that we have done damage or harm to
      someone we love or an ideal we may hold.

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    2. Pain Management

      Pain Management
      Pain occurs to alert the individual to potential or actual damage to the body. Pain can arise from injury as well as from disease. Pain can have a negative effect on a person's quality of life and can impede recovery from whatever is the cause of the pain. Unrelieved pain can become in its own right, a cause of a downward spiral in a person's health and especially their outlook. The proper management of pain will help recovery, and prevent further complications in the health and well being of the individual and will improve their quality of life.
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    3. Feeling Completely Stressed Out, What Can You Do ?

      The usual media of today are full of invitations for a stressed person, to regain health with daily fitness. They say that all day long sitting in a chair, on the job, and being observed and stressed by business-oriented seniors at all times, will give a person a wrong positioning in the body, what will create stiff bones and no- or wrong-used muscles, which do not relax when gone home after work and just sitting in front of the home TV.
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    4. Lifetime Of Alcohol

      The average Brit will down more than 5,800 pints during their lifetime, a study revealed yesterday (Thurs). Researchers found that as well as downing their favourite lager or beer, they will also glug 8,700 glasses of wine and 2,900 bottles of cider between the ages of 18 and 78.5. They will also sup their way through 5,800 shots of spirits, 1,452 glasses of champagne and after dinner liquor.
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    5. Stressed - Who Me ?

      For some reason, Christmas last year seemed to be a very stressful time for me. At the time, it really did seem quite daunting with all of its implications of organisation and costs. But, on the other hand the thought of contact with old friends, meals to be enjoyed, and other Christmas pleasures to be had, got me smiling with anticipation.
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    6. Can You Tailor Your Workout To Your Needs By Exercising From Home?

      Which part of your body do you want to target next? What about toning up the notoriously difficult parts of the body such as the thighs, upper arms or abdominal area? On the other hand, do you have a specific muscle group you wish to work, such as the biceps and triceps or perhaps your calves and hamstrings? Is it possible to find a solution to work all these muscle groups and get an outstanding, practical all-round workout at home?
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    7. Low body oxygenation is the main factor of poor fertility in males

      Low body oxygenation is the main factor of poor fertility in males
      Low body oxygenation is the main factor of poor fertility in malesLow body oxygenation is the main factor of poor fertility in males -- Usually, various modern medical and alternative sources suggest that zinc, arginine and protein intakes are the main factors in fertility of males. However, body oxygenation plays even a more important role. Oxygen content in tissues can be found using a simple stress-free breath holding time test. (The person exhales normally and, using a watch or clock, measures their own breath holding time in seconds, but only until first discomfort. The test should not change your breathing and cause any stress.)
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