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    1. Promo Price Increases Loom Due to Importing Woes

      Promo Price Increases Loom Due to Importing Woes

      A complex concoction that includes skyrocketing shipping container costs, rising raw material prices, reduced shipping capacity and logjammed ports, much of it fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, is creating an international sourcing nightmare for North American promotional products importers and fueling the potential for price increases on a gamut of products.

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    2. New Study Shows Effectiveness of Neck Gaiters

      New Study Shows Effectiveness of Neck Gaiters

      Two months after a study on masks called neck gaiters into question, new research shows that the tubular accessories may be just as or more effective than cloth masks at protecting against the spread of COVID-19. The findings out of the University of Georgia vindicate what promotional products suppliers have been saying all along: that a face covering’s effectiveness depends largely on what type of fabric it’s made of and how many layers of material are used to construct it.

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    3. Congress Urged to Ease Online Sales Tax Collection

      While tariffs and the coronavirus have been hogging the headlines, businesses are facing another massive hurdle: collecting online sales tax.

      As a result of Wayfair v. South Dakota, in which the Supreme Court ruled that states can force internet retailers to collect sales taxes in states where they have no physical presence, business owners have been living an administrative nightmare. Companies potentially must know the sales tax laws of every state, file sales tax forms for every state and be registered to do business in every state. It’s such a tremendous burden that companies have been forced to hire outside services or additional staff just to comply with the various sales tax laws.

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    4. Impact from Coronavirus to Deepen, Promo Pros Say

      Impact from Coronavirus to Deepen, Promo Pros Say

      The vast majority of products that U.S. and Canadian promo suppliers and distributors sell in the North American market are produced in China. That supply chain has been under considerable stress over the last couple of years due to the trade war between the U.S. and China, which has seen tariffs imposed on approximately $370 billion in Chinese imports – a move that has driven up prices on domestically sold promo products.

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    5. Tips for Small Business Owners: Find Funding for Your Business

      Tips for Small Business Owners: Find Funding for Your Business

      It’s quite a common problem for entrepreneurs – especially those in the ad specialty industry who have to pay for goods prior to their clients actually paying for them. Getting a big deal – or any deal for a new business – should be a day of celebration but it often leads to concerns for distributors about how they’re going to front the money before they get paid. Which could be 30, 60 or even 90 days away depending on how reliable the client is.

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