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  5. Quotes about allergy

    1. This study should motivate expectant parents -- especially if they have a family history of allergy or asthma -- to correct water damage and reduce the mold burden in their homes to protect the respiratory health of their children.
      In Mold Exposure in Infancy Raises Asthma Risk
    2. If you had a pollen allergy, you'd want to consume honey that's got the same vegetation pollen in it (that you're allergic to) ... what you're doing is desensitizing your immune system to it and releasing the antihistamine.
      In In its raw form, honey can treat ulcers, pollen allergies, wounds
    3. Medication just treats the symptoms, but allergy shots treat the underlying cause for the allergies.
      In City woman’s allergy aggravation featured in Ladies’ Home Journal
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