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    2. Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes 1 Gallon Bucket IN STOCK

      IN STOCK IN US, Quick ship! Antiseptic Alcohol Antiseptic All Purpose Wipes in Gallon Bucket. Wipes are approx. 7.5" x 6.75" 70% (62.5% Ethanol Alcohol, 7.5% Isopropyl Alcohol). 150 Wipes per bucket. These have a slight Lemon scent! Perfect for cleaning various surfaces. Ideal for hotels, gyms, schools, restaurants, banks and all sorts of businesses. Help get your business back open and keep it clean with ...
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    3. Custom Mask become fashion statement and a must have

      The elite custom neck gaiter is a multi functional face, neck and head covering. Designed for dual-use protection during both athletic exercise and as everyday functional fashion. Neck Gaiter Features: Reusable And Machine-Washable. Stretchable Polyester Spandex Fabric. Individually Packaged In A Poly Bag. Fits Most Adults. Meets Requirements For Non-Surgical Face Covering (no BFE rating). 10" L x 20" H
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    4. USA STOCK - Anti Fog Disposable Splash Protective Mask Face Shield

      Protective antibacterial splash face shield. Vented foam design for increased air flow and comfort. It features soft foam for added comfort. Excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash. Many different styles to choose from. Small quantity orders are welcomed.
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    5. Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Mask with Pocket for Filter Insert

      Form Fitted Cupped Cotton Face Mask with Pocket for Filter Insert
      Sewn-in Pocket for optional removable filter (filter not included). 2 Ply 100% cotton fabric. Meets requirements for non-surgical face covering (no BFE rating). Reusable and machine-washable. Individually packaged in a poly bag. Care Instructions For best fit and comfort, wash before use. Wash on delicate cycle in cold water. Do not use bleach. Air Dry or tumble dry low heat. 8" W x 6" H
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    6. 8 Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

      8 Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers
      What if there was an easy way to stay in front of your customer? Why not climb into your time machine and send them a thoughtful letter? You know, by United States Postal Service. While youre at it, throw in a small, inexpensive care item and delight them. To help you get started, Ive gathered 8 types of promotional items that fit easily in a standard size envelope.
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    7. COVID-19 Related Products from Beacon Sales and Marketing.

      COVID-19 Related Products from Beacon Sales and Marketing.
      Beacon Sales and Marketing is taking orders for Mask, hand sanitizer, and more of the hard to get personal care products. We realize that it isn't hard to find some web site to place an order for these items, what is hard is to understand WHEN YOU WILL RECEIVE THE ITEM! Beacon has created a web site that makes it easy to understand when you will receive your order ...
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    8. 10 Productivity Boosting Products to Help You Work from Home

      10 Productivity Boosting Products to Help You Work from Home
      More people are working from home than ever with all the stay-at-home mandates to help flatten the curve of the covid-19 outbreak. Its important that if youre one of them, you have the tools to help you stay productive when working at home. This is an opportune time for businesses to give out useful home office tools that will keep your logo and branding message in front of the person ...
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    9. Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On

      Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On
      Dear Business Owners, It is time toStop Reactingto what the coronavirus has done to your business and time toPUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON. We will soon start the process of getting back to normal.You better make your plans now so you are ready.Getting back to normal will not be like flipping the light switch on, it will happen in steps.Nobody knows for sure what the steps will ...
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    10. Should I spend some marketing dollars?

      Should I spend some marketing dollars?
      The Small Business Association suggests companies budget 7% to 8% of revenues for promotion, but the average small business spends 1% or less. We find that most small companies dont even have a written budget and have no plan on how they will market or grow their company.In this time of fear, during the coronavirus lock-down, many businesses arent making any money and are not even considering spending their ...
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