1. Desmoplastic Melanoma

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    2. Susan M. Swetter, MD | Stanford Health Care

      Susan M. Swetter, MD | Stanford Health Care
      Susan M. Swetter, M.D., is a Professor of Dermatology, Assistant Chief of the Dermatology Service at the VA Palo Alto, and Director of the Pigmented Lesion and Melanoma Program at Stanford University Medical Center and Cancer Institute. She also serves as Physician Leader of the Cancer Care Program in Cutaneous Oncology at Stanford. Dr. Swetter's research interests encompass both primary and secondary melanoma prevention, including therapeutic prevention strategies ...
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    3. Improved Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies For Desmoplastic Melanoma - SkinCancer.org

      Improved Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies For Desmoplastic Melanoma - SkinCancer.org
      The recurrence rate is as high as 20 percent in neurotropic DM cases vs. only 6.8 percent in non-neurotropic DM cases.1 It has also been shown that DMs excised with margins 1 cm have a higher rate of local recurrence than those excised with margins 2 cm.1,17 However, there are cases where wide margins and deep excisions are not feasible, for example with DMs that are ...
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    4. Desmoplastic Melanoma: A Review

      Desmoplastic Melanoma: A Review
      CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSDM can be a diagnostic challenge for clinicians and pathologists alike, because of its non-specific and often banal appearance. Multiple pitfalls exist in achieving the correct diagnosis including the initial clinical diagnosis as a benign entity, partial biopsies that are insufficient to render a pathologic diagnosis, and interpretation error under the microscope. We offer some final recommendations which can aid in the diagnostic and management decisionsAny clinically suspect ...
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    5. Which pre-existing conditions are not covered by Medicare? - PlanPrescriber

      Which pre-existing conditions are not covered by Medicare? - PlanPrescriber
      A Medicare Supplement plan must accept you if you enroll during your individual Medigap Open Enrollment Period. This is the six-month period that automatically begins when you turn 65 and are enrolled in Part B. During this enrollment period, you have a one-time, guaranteed right to enroll in any Medicare Supplement plan. Private insurance companies cannot deny you coverage or charge you a higher premium due to health reasons.
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    6. Pembrolizumab - National Cancer Institute

      This page contains brief information about pembrolizumab (Keytruda) and a collection of links to more information about the use of this drug, research results, and ongoing clinical trials. For use in: Melanoma that cannot be removed by surgery or that has metastasized (spread to other parts of the body). Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck that has metastasized or recurred (come back) in patients whose disease got worse ...
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    7. Help with Desmoplastic Melanoma | Melanoma Research Foundation

      Hello everybody, just joining this club no one wants to belong to with this second post today. I was diagnosed with desmoplasatic melanoma, stage 2b, two months ago. The experts here on this forum will recognize DM for being locally aggressive with a propensity to recur, but rarely metastatic on presentation. As a result, local control with WLE backed by SLNB is the first
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  1. About Desmoplastic Melanoma

    Desmoplastic Melanoma

    What is Desmoplastic Melanoma of Skin? (Definition/Background Information)

    • A melanoma is a type of cancer that develops from cells, called melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin; the pigment that gives skin its color
    • Desmoplastic Melanoma (DM) of Skin is an uncommon subtype of cutaneous melanoma that usually arises from sun-exposed skin sites. It is seen in young and old adults
    • In around 30% of the cases, the tumor is associated with neurotropism (a tendency to involve or attack the nerve cells and tissues); in such cases, it is known as Desmoplastic Neurotropic Melanoma
    • Desmoplastic Melanoma of Skin may initially start as a painless nodule or plaque; many tumors may lack pigmentation. The most common site is the head and neck region. Advanced tumors can invade deep into the subcutaneous tissues and even involve the bones
    • Desmoplastic Melanoma of Skin is diagnosed with the help of a biopsy. The tumor can pose diagnostic challenges to a pathologist, since it can resemble a scar tissue. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, it is surgically removed (excised). Some tumors are known to respond to radiation therapy
    • The outcome of Desmoplastic Melanoma of Skin is generally guarded due to the aggressive nature of the tumor. Following their surgical removal, a high rate of tumor recurrence is observed


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