1. Mark Zuckerberg

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    1. My personal take on this is that social media's role is maybe a bit overblown in that.
      In Facebook is now too big to buy
    2. Honestly, the way that we look at it now is there's so many other places in the world where we can connect more people more easily without having to face those hard questions.
      In Facebook is now too big to buy
    3. Imagine expressing the story of your life.
      In Facebook vs. Google: The battle for the future of the Web
    4. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world.
      In After Steve Jobs: "The industry lost its top visionary"
    5. We think this is going to make it so that you can make an order of magnitude more connections than you could before.
      In Facebook's Ticker broadcasts everything you do
    6. I have spent my years at Facebook pouring my heart and soul into innovating and pushing the media industry forward by introducing new concepts around live, social, participatory viewing that the media industry has since adopted.
      In Randi Zuckerberg leaves Facebook
    7. My goal is to launch my own innovative programming and work with media companies to develop their programming in new, and more social ways.
      In Randi Zuckerberg leaves Facebook
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