1. melanoma

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    2. Improved Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies For Desmoplastic Melanoma - SkinCancer.org

      Improved Diagnostic and Prognostic Strategies For Desmoplastic Melanoma - SkinCancer.org
      The recurrence rate is as high as 20 percent in neurotropic DM cases vs. only 6.8 percent in non-neurotropic DM cases.1 It has also been shown that DMs excised with margins 1 cm have a higher rate of local recurrence than those excised with margins 2 cm.1,17 However, there are cases where wide margins and deep excisions are not feasible, for example with DMs that are ...
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    3. Desmoplastic Melanoma: A Review

      Desmoplastic Melanoma: A Review
      CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSDM can be a diagnostic challenge for clinicians and pathologists alike, because of its non-specific and often banal appearance. Multiple pitfalls exist in achieving the correct diagnosis including the initial clinical diagnosis as a benign entity, partial biopsies that are insufficient to render a pathologic diagnosis, and interpretation error under the microscope. We offer some final recommendations which can aid in the diagnostic and management decisionsAny clinically suspect ...
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  1. About melanoma

    April, 2014 these drugs offer new hope;

    The new drugs, called PD-1 inhibitors, work by blocking that reaction and turning the immune cells back on. Unlike chemotherapy or radiation, the PD-1 inhibitors do not attack the tumor directly.

    Lyons says finding a way to stimulate the immune system to fight tumors on its own has been the focus of researchers for decades. The first signs of success were with a similar class of drugs called CTLA-4 inhibitors in 2011.

  2. Quotes about melanoma

    1. The message for anyone, especially for those who may have an increased risk for melanoma, is to go and get skin exams.
      In Parkinson's Disease May Raise Risk of Melanoma
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