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    1. Oracle Retail Mobile POS provides the flexibility to serve customers on their terms.  By providing store associates with a consistent transaction interface and delivering actionable insights at any point of service, we help retailers level the playing field between store associates and digitally enabled customers.
      In Oracle Introduces Mobile Point-of-Service for Retailers
    2. Oracle Retail will help provide the insight, operational optimization and scalability required for Alltel Wireless to continue growing its business.
      In Alltel Wireless Uses Oracle Retail to Support Stores
    3. Saks provides its customers with memorable and superior shopping experiences.
      In Saks Incorporated Selects Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Retail Merchandising and Planning Solutions to Help Drive Cross-Channel Growth
    4. Globalization is one of the primary sources of growth for retailers, and Oracle Retail Point-of-Service is focused on helping retailers quickly serve new markets while localizing offerings and providing a key component for cross-channel retailing.
      In Oracle Unveils New Release of Oracle Retail Point-of-Service
    5. Oracle solutions will enable American Apparel to create a strategic advantage across channels and international markets.
      In American Apparel Chooses Oracle's ATG Web Commerce to Support Global Retail Channels
    6. As customers engage via mobile, online and in-store environments, Oracle's solutions help consumer-facing businesses to deliver a fluid, personalized customer experience across all channels.
      In Leading Analyst Firm Positions Oracle ATG in Leaders Quadrant for E-Commerce
    7. This research presents a number of interesting findings for retailers outlining considerable opportunities.
      In Digital Natives Demand a Better Multi-Channel Experience, Reveals Oracle Research
    8. World Retail Congress offers an opportunity for retailers to come together to discuss the issues, challenges and innovations in the global market and identify new opportunities for investment and growth.
      In Oracle to Showcase its Latest Research into the Future of Retail at World Retail Congress 2011
    9. Oracle is proud to recognize these retailers for their success and leadership in the industry.
      In Oracle Recognizes 2011 Retail Excellence Award Winners
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    1. Mike Webster had an estimated 25,000 hits but never reported a concussion.
      In Sports head injuries can ignite brain overreaction
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