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    2. Brain Screening May Predict Autism in Infancy

      Brain Screening May Predict Autism in Infancy
      In what they call a first, researchers say they can predict whether some infants under the age of 1 will actually develop autism in their second year. The new experimental technique, using standard brain screening, is designed to focus solely on newborns known to be at high risk for autism because they have an older sibling who has it.
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    1. Religiousness may have the potential to negate the impact of high stress levels associated with experiencing harsh parenting and improve adolescent health and well-being within families who were not involved in clinical or social services for adolescent substance abuse or parental maltreatment.
      In Religion or spirituality has positive impact on romantic/marital relationships, child development, research shows
    2. A mother's economic role is central to family life, and it supports her well-being and her parenting.
      In Are Working Moms Healthier and Happier?
    3. Through monthly meetings, our local chapters bring parents together in a non-judgmental environment that honors their lifestyle and parenting choices.
      In Holistic Moms Network Announces New Ne Cincinnati, Oh Chapter
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