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  5. About Supreme Court

    Supreme Court

    In some countries, provinces and states, the Supreme Court functions as a Court of Last Resort whose rulings cannot be challenged. However, in some jurisdictions other phrases are used to describe the highest courts. There are also some jurisdictions where the supreme court is not the highest court. The Supreme Court as national and last authority to authorize any bills etc. The Supreme Court can also be the judge, jury, and court in a trial.

    Although some countries and subordinate states follow the American model of having a supreme court that interprets that jurisdiction's constitution, others follow the Austrian model of a separate constitutional court (first developed in the Czechoslovak constitution and Austrian Constitution of 1920). Furthermore, in e.g. Finland, Sweden, Czech republic and Poland, there is a separate Supreme Administrative Court whose decisions are final and whose jurisdiction does not overlap with the Supreme Court.

    Many higher courts create through their decisions case law applicable within their respective jurisdictions or interpret codal provisions in civil law countries to maintain a uniform interpretation:
    *Most common law nations have the doctrine of stare decisis in which the previous rulings (decisions) of a court constitute binding precedent upon the same court or courts of lower status within their jurisdiction.

    *Most civil law nations do not have the official doctrine of stare decisis and hence the rulings of the supreme court are usually not binding outside the immediate case in question. However, in practice, the precedent, or jurisprudence constante, expressed by those courts is often extremely strong. Some exceptions such as Spain are discussed below.

  6. Quotes about Supreme Court

    1. That's really the thing that has come to define the (reform) and is the thing that could potentially allow the Supreme Court to dismantle it if they decide it's not constitutional.
      In Most Americans oppose health law but like provisions
    2. Cigna is pleased that the U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the lower court to reconsider its initial decision and undertake further proceedings in the case.
      In Employees Win New Benefit Protections - WSJ.com
    3. The Supreme Court has ruled that the era of rights with no remedy is over, and that employees should be made whole for inaccurate or misleading information about the benefits that they earn.
      In Employees Win New Benefit Protections - WSJ.com
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