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    1. Publisher: WebMD
      These young adults are the future of our nation's social fabric. They need to be given access to psychological help, coupled with the development and dissemination of brief online contact-based interventions that encourage healthy lifestyles.
      - In Young Americans Lonely, Depressed During Pandemic
    2. Publisher: msn.com
      Proper tax planning is taxpayer specific, and one strategy may not work for all.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    3. Publisher: msn.com
      All of these will, of course, reduce your taxable income.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    4. Publisher: msn.com
      It might be a nice opportunity to convert some of that money to a Roth account.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    5. Publisher: msn.com
      By the end of the year, you can take $100,000 out of your retirement (fund) and not pay the penalty.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    6. Publisher: msn.com
      You may want to avoid buying a mutual fund right before it makes its year-end distribution or you may have an unexpected tax bill.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    7. Publisher: msn.com
      From an investment standpoint, year-end is a great time for individuals to sell investments that are not performing as expected and reallocate the proceeds from those sales.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    8. Publisher: msn.com
      You tend to drift off your target asset mix (over time).
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    9. Publisher: msn.com
      Your self-employment taxes are based on your net income.
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
    10. Publisher: msn.com
      Even if you clean out your household goods and clothing and donate them, you could bump yourself up over the standardized deduction (threshold).
      - In 10 Year-End Tax Tips
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